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Great feedback from students

Asked to comment on the course mid-year, Jschool students gave us encouraging feedback.

Here are some of their comments:

  • Clear and interesting study material. Very friendly and helpful lecturers and staff.
  • The best part of the training was the invaluable feedback I received. It was encouraging, positive, useful and kept me motivated, interested and enthusiastic. All the lecturers were professional, friendly, knowledgeable & approachable and responded in a timely, warm and kind way. They were flexible and understanding when required. They were available to help when required.
  • the dedication and methodology of each Instructor is exemplary. They have been encouraging and supportive.
  • The activities and assessments were realistic and in reach of achievement. There was flexibility as well.
  • The best thing about this course is the fact that it's a well-developed program: every aspect of your learning has a purpose for future working environments (compared to university, where a lot of content feels like "padding". Jschool offered broad and interesting content that the journalism industry expects of its journalists. It is also immensely flexible.
  • I liked the workshops; the variety of assignments; the material; the depth of knowledge the trainers have and their personal experiences shared - excellent; the interaction on the forum with other students; the lecturers were and are very approachable and accessible.
  • The course is well presented and easy to follow. I really enjoy doing the assessments, but they can be very time-consuming. It's also really good that we can learn to apply our skills in the real world as often as we like by interviewing people and writing articles.
  • I liked the content diverse subjects.
  • The focus on building competencies in practical skills you'll need to work in the profession you're training for. The other best aspect is the small class sizes and the individual attention as a result.
  • The classes are interesting.
  • I enjoyed the ability to work online in my own time.

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