Fee comparisons: tuition fees for journalism courses

As a guide to students comparing journalism courses in Australia, here are some current tuition fees (in Australian dollars) charged by various nationally registered public and private journalism colleges for degree and diploma programs:

College Course Years Cost
Bond UniversityMaster of Journalism1$30,000
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism3$71,160
Griffith UniversityMaster of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication1.5$12,450 (Australian students); $23,280 (international students)
Jschool: Journalism Education & TrainingDiploma of Journalism1$19,856 (Australian students);
Macleay CollegeDiploma of Journalism1$33,600
Public universitiesCommonwealth Supported Place, Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Journalism3$15,414
Queensland University of Technology (QUT)Master of Journalism1$17,280 (domestic students); $25,500 (overseas students)
University of Queensland (UQ)Bachelor of Journalism3$47,994 (domestic fee-paying students); $49,887 (overseas students)
(UQ)Master of Journalism1.5$17,799 (domestic fee-paying students); $24,720 (overseas students)

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