Industry opinions of Jschool

"Jschool offers aspiring journalists a new path to the door of a cadetship in an industry marked by fierce competition for places, and provides an opportunity via an internship program for its students to showcase their talents by writing for regional and metropolitan newspapers."

— Greg Chamberlin, senior associate editor, The Courier-Mail

"Professor John Henningham has an industry-wide reputation for being one of Australia's top journalism educators. He continues to be at the cutting edge as a trainer with a graduate from his inaugural year of Jschool showing impressive ready-to-write skills as an intern in our newsroom."

— Peter Ellem, editor, The Daily Examiner, Grafton

"Jschool is a welcome addition to journalism education, and its strong practical focus is what the industry wants. The Jschool intern who worked at the Bulletin this year was very successful. Her enthusiasm and initiative resulted in her getting two by-lined page 3 stories in her first week."

— Bob Gordon, editor-in-chief, Gold Coast Bulletin

"The Diploma of Journalism is a very practical alternative to university courses. It is closer to the traditional cadetship in teaching the fundamentals of journalism. Jschool's course is of real benefit to employers."

— Ben Hawke, executive producer, 7.30 Report, ABC Television

"Our first experience of an intern from Jschool was very encouraging: he had the right attitude and was well-equipped for the newsroom. We'd expect to get good people through Jschool and certainly would consider them for positions."

— Rod Rehbein, editor, The Queensland Times

"The quality of the Jschool interns is very high. I've been impressed. The interns we've hosted have been very employable and I would have no problem recommending them for jobs in the industry."

— John Schalch, editor, The Morning Bulletin, Rockhampton

"As a local daily newspaper we feel we have an obligation to identify and develop young journalists by providing on-the-job experience. If the professionalism, enthusiasm and presentation shown by our current Jschool intern is any indication, Professor Henningham's proteges are off to a flying start."

— Scott Thompson, editor, Cairns Post

"Jschool is a major and innovative departure in Australian journalism training and education. I know of no other program that is so relevant, so focused and so intensive in its preparation of candidates for entry level positions in newspapers of all shapes and sizes."

— John Tidey, Adjunct Professor of Journalism, Deakin University & former President, Pacific Area Newspaper Publishers Association (PANPA)